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    Unparalleled SEO

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  • Millions of Therapy Seekers

    Millions of Therapy Seekers

    Most people find their perfect therapist using Psychology Today.

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    Ideal Client Matches

    Comprehensive filters, so clients best suited to your strengths can find you.

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    Real-Time Data

    Tracking data for all calls and emails, so you know you're getting results.

  • Free Teletherapy Platform

    Free Teletherapy Platform

    Sessions is HIPAA-compliant and easy, with top-tier video and audio quality.

  • Protected Phone Number

    Protected Phone Number

    A Protected Number to use with prospective clients.

  • Support Group Listings

    Support Group Listings

    Create additional profile pages for all your support groups.

  • Unlimited Free Months

    Unlimited Free Months

    Get a free month with every colleague that joins from your invitation.

  • Global Recognition & Trust

    Global Recognition & Trust

    Join the largest, most trusted network of verified mental health professionals.

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